zaterdag 28 februari 2009

Almost on the way …

… if the driver wakes up on time. Everything is ready standing by the door, two trainings bags, ski shoes, snowboard shoes and two hand bags with the necessary to survive 11 hours trip.

Where is the driver, where is the driver…

donderdag 19 februari 2009

The good guy and the uninspired girl...

The final countdown continues… still 6 days, exclusive weekend, and we are going to France. I cannot wait. It is not even about skiing, mountains or snow but about the free time and rest.

I am already thinking what books to take with me, one thick or better two thin, serious or funny… hard or paper cover… I like such dilemmas… simple holiday problems… I just finished The Good Guy by Dean Koontz. Nice, exciting story and if someone ever makes movie out of it, Bruce Willis should play the main character.

Nothing more, I have lack of inspirations due to hectic days that pumped the whole energy out of my body and the brain. My only creative activity lately is making the sandwiches for my work…

zondag 1 februari 2009

Family visit…

After more than eight months we went to visit Fuyo’s family living Aan Den Noordendijk.
I was curious rather she is going to recognize or feel that the dogs there belong to the same line/family. Noah the mother of Fuyo, Fennah the sister and Indy the half sister.

When we arrived, Fennah was standing and bluffing at the gate, it was funny to see how alike they were from a distance. We were quite shocked that from close by Fuyo was much bigger than her Fennah, she was even bigger than Noah and Indy. However, the expression on Fuyo's face, the hair curls on her back and figure are very similar to her mother. H. said that the curly tail she took after her grandfather(whoever he was).

The group (Noah, Indy, Fennah and Willow) have not given Fuyo the warm welcome, they were quite tough on her at first, just to show who is the boss at the farm. More than one hour Fuyo was with her family, checking each other, chasing, playing, barking…

I made some pictures, of course. It was so cold that not only my fingers stop working but my camera as well.

I think that Fuyo will have a great time being there during our skiing holidays and we will be relaxed that she will be under the good care of H.

Sisters kiss ***Fennah and Fuyo***

Listen to me little girl ***Noah and Fuyo***

***Fennah and Indy***

Happy Fuyo ***picture made by Helen***