vrijdag 18 december 2009

Fuyo goes University...

The next course is finished the VEG exam passed with excellent result …
11 January is the first lesson of GGB, the University level for dogs, a serious stuff…but we will manage if not in one or two years than in three or four as the real students do… Before that the X-mas holidays break and earned rest…

zondag 6 december 2009

Being 17 again…

I have not had this feeling since reading “Anne of Green Gables” when I was 12 or 13.
I do not know how to describe this feeling but I just don’t want to stop reading… The funny thing is that what I am reading… is nothing serious or extraordinary.

It is a book or series of four books about teenagers, love, adventure, vampires and a lot of bla bla but it reads so easy. Two weeks ago A. said “do you want to read very simple but nice book? It is a “housewife series” but you are in the story so quickly...” So here I am, 2 weeks later starting the 3 piece… and I want more, more and more.

Recommended for girls, different ages, hopeless romantic that want to jump in to crazy world of vampires and dream about Edward… afrerwards ;)

Two of the books have been already filmed “Twilight” and “New moon”, not seen yet but will, definitely ;)

donderdag 5 november 2009


I was just thinking … is the age so important. Most of the time guys have a younger girlfriend, wife, partner but if the girl likes younger guy… well… it’s seems like the “forbidden fruit”.

Why girls care so much? What makes us so insecure?

> How old are you actually, do you know that I am 37? Are you 29?
> No
> Really, are you 30? You do not look 30
> No, I am 23.
> Jesus, I have T-shirts older than you are.

“Prime” film with Uma Thurman.

zondag 25 oktober 2009

Uncertain times…

Finally the bomb landed very close by, in our department, one position has been cancelled and my colleague free to go home. This was not the first person in the head quarter but the closest. How this is possible that in few days the work that you do become unimportant or can be done by somebody else…

You build something, relations, ideas, way to run the day to day business, you plan, long time projects, short time projects, have to do list and priority list. You have your calendar, meetings planned, files, more or less organized, you have your day planned from morning to the end and suddenly all what was so normal and obvious is gone… suddenly you do not have to go anywhere and the “urgent” messages are not so urgent anymore…

In one moment the world is different, point of view and the position changes…you need to adjust and reorganize your life…

I always said that I can adapt to the changes, I am flexible and open minded but in situations like this I am so emotional, I have to much feeling pushing to my body, head and eventually come through my eyes. It does not have to be bad end but it might be very good beginning…

maandag 19 oktober 2009

Cold and dark…

A lot of people are having a winter depression already even though the fall just started… I have days that I would just stay at home and will not put my nose outside the door. Last week for the first time I have started the heating … not much … 2 degrees up. I could feel the warmth filling the room slowly … lekker. Today also, just stay at home a watch TV and sleep after the busy weekend…but Fuyo need to go to the course so … preparing the snacks, the toy, and the doggy bags … an leaving in the cold and dark evening…

dinsdag 13 oktober 2009

District 9

I have not decided yet if I did or did not like this movie. I watched the film to the end because this is what I do almost all the time, watch to the end. I wanted to see how the situation develops and how it will end.

The film was shot as a documentary, different angle, different comers, refreshing but the story… not for people who does not like science-fiction. Yes, the movie it is about the “green men” or “aliens” that has been rescued from the spaceship in South Africa and placed in the district 9.

The movie shows the few sides of the people and what are they capable to do when left without choice. Brutality, hate, fear, love and desperation… at the end of the movie I though “well, how many districts 9 we have already”

zondag 11 oktober 2009

Hoge Veluwe loop -10K

Mid October I have not expected the weather to be good but at least no rain or small drizzle. What we got on the way and in the Hoge Veluwe Park when the run took place, was wall of rain (A. and F went with me). Taught by the experience of last year and my previous 10K run, I left on time (thanks to A.) and took enough food and drink.
It was raining when we left home, raining on the way but dry when we got there. Just before the run started … man oh man … I was already wet up to my underwear. Poor A. and F I felt really bad …

The run started in the heavy rain and the rain last for 2 km (so app. 10 min). I had sticky hair, raining jacket glued in to my skin and swimming pool in my shoes but… the air and the surrounding … super cool. The firs 6 km in the forest, the last 4 between the fields and trees … I was feeling pretty good taking in to consideration that Friday and Saturday was taking “paracetamol” to decrease my fever. I know, I know, it was not that smart at all to go, but I wanted desperately to do it.

The time was not below 1h as my goal few months ago was but still better than I thought. 1:02:53 ... I hope that next time will be better. Waiting still for the photos ...

donderdag 24 september 2009

Where is the time…

Time flies. Yesterday was Monday, I thought, but tomorrow is Friday… where are the days in between… who is crossing out the days from my calendar and my life… I protest, I am not happy that the next weekend has come because it means I am 7 days older…

I did not see A. for three days, waking up at 6 a.m. going to bed at 22 p.m. and he other way around… I feel like the characters from the book I have just finished…. “Solitude of prime numbers” by Paolo Giordano. How real and sad is that story… how painful and depressing but how TRUE… I think that many people leave like this but not everyone realizes that or is afraid to admit, even to themselves… We all have our traumas, secrets and dark side … don’t we?

donderdag 17 september 2009


I am watching “Planet Earth” filmed by BBC. I do not have a beautiful box as below (I will have one day) but I have films borrowed from my colleague. One word “A M A Z I N G”. The voice of David Attenborough make the whole story complete…

Still 4 discs to go…

dinsdag 15 september 2009

Autumn is coming...

Dark in the morning, dark in the evening, cold wind, rain and this mood that you want to stay on the sofa, with the blanket, warm chocolate milk and good book or movie.

It will happen more often that I will be melancholic, sad, tired and have a bad humor. Small things will play on my nerves … preparing my hair in the morning to have them fucked up while walking with Fuyo 15 min later, the umbrella that will broke down when I will run for the train, the metro or the train that will be delayed because of rain, frost, wind, snow or other unexpected weather conditions.

… its dark and raining outside, Fuyo must go for her last evening walk and I would just prefer go to bed and start 6 months of autumn/winter sleep…

The sun will be welcome any time...

zaterdag 5 september 2009

BAZ on the beach…

The weather is getting bad… you can feel autumn coming with the big steps. Last weekend of August we went to Scheveningen see the bouldering competitions. I could go even earlier to do some climbing but… did not check the website before and have not arranged the special entry ticket. Oh well, next year better.

However, what I wanted to say actually is that it was so freaking cold that even wearing the jacket and the scarf I was freezing. We saw the final of the girls and give the guys up. Running home to warm up our butts!

woensdag 12 augustus 2009

Gringo, the white face...

I just finished next book, this time about the traveling. Good subject when you sick, lying in bed and not allowed to go outside the house.
Author: Wojciech Cejrowski
Title in English: “Gringo among wild tribes”.

Books like this are very dangerous. Firstly, they are showing what other people are capable of doing (me not) and what they can sacrifice and what price are able to pay (me not) for the dreams. Secondly, the books and the stories like this trigger the part of the brain, that is craving for adventure… and then you (me) want to travel and have adventures as well…

One of the best pieces from the book is about the Indian (Native American) lying in the hammock. My short translation of the story below (be gentle).

“The Indian was lying in the hammock and as every day, was doing nothing. Around him the poverty was growing. The house that he made out of clay, long time ago was crooked and almost collapsing.
-It is still standing – said the Indian – why should I repair it now.
Around him hungry breeding flock was trotting. The pigs were hungry enough and ready to eat the dog-end or the sweet wrapper. They were only walking skin and bones.
-These pigs are very lazy and they cannot find anything to eat – the Indian explained
-Maybe you should give them handful of corn or something – the author said
-Feeding pigs!? – The Indian was outraged – you white people do not have idea about the economy and farming. The pigs are not to be feed by human but other way around - he ended.
Beside the pigs and the falling apart house, he had also two chickens, wife and the bunch of children. The childrenwere nothing left but the big eyes, wanes, bones and skin, no fat at all.
Summarizing, the Indian had house made of clay with the roof out of palm leaves, in the house family and the livestock, the tropical forest around and poverty with the big eyes. Instead of going to work he was the whole day hanging in the hammock.
-Why should I go to work? - he asked with the honest wonderment.
-To buy something to eat for the children!
-It is not worth to try, they are eating and eating but they are always hungry. You cannot fill the children’s stomachs up. They have to grow the hunger out.
-You cannot grow the hunger out!
-Yes you can. I did it. I do not want anything, even food. And they will be fine, they need only time.

But the author was trying further to show his rights.
-But you could grow more pigs, more fat ones and you could sell one and earn some money.
-Why? - Said the Indian – the money will not buy me happiness and are not practical in our surrounding. Everything what I want is growing around me, forest, corn and papaya.
-Shoes do not grow. You have to buy it.
-Why? – Said the Indian – I have never had shoes and I am fine. My children do not like them because they are uncomfortable and creating the blisters.
-But maybe you could buy the radio. Do you like music?
-My neighbor has got one. The one living across the field. He turns the radio full volume and I can hear in my hammock.
-Is there really nothing that you would like to have? Do you have everything what you want?
-Time – Said the Indian
-What do you mean by TIME? You don’t do anything all days but hanging in the hammock.
-Yep, that’s right, but how long can I hang like this, he, tell me?
-What the difference does it make?
-You see “white face” (Gringo), for me the happiest moments are when I lay in my hammock and do nothing! Longer then better. I do not have pain, nothing is urgent, nothing and nobody wait for me, nobody is calling, my stomach does not cry for the food, my wife is not crying for….you know what. My happiness is this peaceful moment that lasts: nobody wants anything from me, I do not have to put any efforts in doing something and I do not have to carry about anything or go anywhere… You, white people, find the happiness in the movement, we Indians in the stillness and immobility. You want to change everything constantly, organize, and improve. We are looking for the state of solace and when we found it, we do not want to move to not spoil the moment.

After this speech he was laying silently for about 15 minutes and said:
-For you Gringo my hammock is full of boredom, for me this is the paradise on earth!

Unfortunately the book is not translated in to English yet but if you want to get the general idea about the style of the book, read the funny stories about trips to find the last living wild tribes, go to the following link http://www.cejrowski.com/en/stories/

zondag 9 augustus 2009


Finally, I made the Muffins with the blueberries from Poland (2liters for 20 PLN). I have used the package with the ready powder, but still they are so yummy… I am planning the next ones with the strawberries and other with the chocolate.

One day I will make the real ones, just from the scratch…

maandag 3 augustus 2009

What are we are living for...

family, work, pleasure, fun, success, money, love, house, car, kids, travels, being together or being alone, piece and quiet, friendships, sleep and waking up, water, sand, sun or moon… what if everything is for nothing.

Are you happy that you have something or that you do not have and do not have to worry about… Are you happy that somebody else has something or does not have anything…

“biedroneczko, biedroneczko lec do nieba, przynies mi kawalek chleba”

vrijdag 31 juli 2009

let's begin the day...

If you wake up and see the sky like on the pictures then you forget that it is 6 a.m.

donderdag 30 juli 2009


The petrol gauge turned red… the petrol is almost finished and I have to go throughout tomorrow … will somebody help me and tow me through the day… or will I find the petrol station in my dream...

zondag 26 juli 2009

Toscana part 2 – Books

Before we even went on holidays I have decided that I am going to read and rest. I did not want to have holidays like we had before: busy busy, busy … RELAX that was my motto. Every afternoon I was taking one hour nap and reading for a while…

“Afgunst” by Saskia Noort – Is a very short thriller about love, power, jalousie, sex life and dominant behavior. People say, typical Saskia story … so decided to read more of her in the future.

“People of the book” by Geraldine Brooks – The story has been inspired by the existing, mysterious codex known as the Sarajevo Haggadah. The book takes you from Nazi sacking of Sarajevo through Vienna, an inquisition era in Venice and Spain where the whole story actually begins. Written in such a perfect way that you cannot put he book down without knowing who, what and why…

“The wooden sea” by Jonathan Carroll – The book is crazy and mysterious as all books of Carroll. The tale of the Police Chief Frannie McCabe and the small Crane's View city begins as ordinary story but quickly changes in to unexplained, puzzling chain of happenings.

“Mijn leven als een hond” by Martin Bril – These are very nice and funny short stories about the animals and the every day life. It is kind of Blog on paper …

2 weeks, 4 books …still, I need quite a lot of free time and holidays to finish all my books standing and waiting to be read … some times I hear them whispering “take me, I have such a beautiful and interesting story to tell…”

vrijdag 17 juli 2009

www.my life.com

Have you ever thought how many people are actually having something to say on the websites, blogs, forums and other internet platforms… and there is quite good stuff on the net… but how to read all this, work, read the books, taking care of the house, your cat, dog, husband and the children? Prioritizing, balancing what important and what not important… what if someone want to have it all… mission impossible.

Second night I will sleep on the couch downstairs, listening to every breath and move of Fuyo. She had a sterilization surgery on Thursday and we want to keep good eye on her. Yesterday, she was still a bit weak and addled. Walking around, sleeping and wanting to cuddle and be close to us… my hard break when I see her like this, I am such a sissy. Today is much better; she drinks a lot, eats, walks faster and has the sparkling in the eyes back. We are on the good way ….

donderdag 16 juli 2009

Toscana part 1 – Places

I was thinking what would be the best way to describe our Holiday in Toscana.
Still not sure but I will try, since 3 weeks passed and no word on my blog about this beautiful province in Italy.

This part will be about the places we have visited from our idyllic apartment which was in the middle of quiet hills, fields of grains and olives trees. Good for rest, reading and sleeping …a bit difficult for visiting the cities…but we did anyway: Volttera, Pisa, San Gimignano, Siena and in the Chianti region Greve, Radda, Castellina, Panzano and Montefioralle.

Voltera: our grocery shopping city, 24 km from the apartment but more than 30 minutes of drive. This city is known as Etruscan center and Alabaster craft. Voltera is small, cozy city with a lot of restaurants, small streets, the beautiful old roman theatre, squares and park perfect for the hanging around, read books or just sit and observe the life around.

San Gimignano: The Manhattan of the Toscana. In the old days the cities had 72 towers, now there are 15 left but still they make a wonderful sight. The main streets (no cars allowed) are filed with the wine shops, restaurants, boutiques, squares, markets and unfortunately tourists. The best time to visit the city is the morning. We were there in the afternoon because we have planned to walk around San Gimignano first. It was tough, because of the weather (full sun) and walking up the hills. Even thought we have made few stops to rest and give Fuyo water we were tired and deserved a big Ice cream at the end.

Montefioralle: It was the last city on our list of the Chianti region to visit. We started with Castellina where we bought some wine, went to Radda, and had real Italian lunch in Panzano. We didn’t want to miss the capital of the Chianti region, Greve, but actually we should. When we head for Montefioralle we were lucky that we did not pass it, so small is this village. There is one street making the circle, stairs going up to the church and parking lot situated 30% degree up. Tricky…. What an atmosphere, a paradise for taking the pictures, try different angles and settings…

Pisa and Siena were also nice but this you will find on every forum or website about Toscana.

donderdag 2 juli 2009

Evening guest…

I wanted to write about the holidays but still thinking how to put two weeks on the piece of paper…well on the piece of screen.

So just to let everyone know that we are life and kicking…

Last night we were more alive than during the day.

All this because of 4 legs, a tail and the bell. At 2:45 we have been woken up by the cat, which seemed to come into our house and hide behind the bedroom curtains. We have been chasing the cat for 20min, listening to his bell and searching for his hiding place. He/She was sitting on the table on the attic. I could see the big eyes in the dark. When started to take stars up, the cat jumped through the window in to the dark… and I do not even like cats… that’s why they bother me.

I had still 3 hours before my alarm goes on… and I will jump in to the day light.

woensdag 10 juni 2009


"Ik liet de hond uit, of andersom: de hond liet mij uit. Het was een opmerkelijk stille avond. We liepen niet oons vaste rondje. Dit was een initiatief van de hond.

We kwamen langs het water te lopen. Het lag er roerloos en donker als een verweerde spiegel bij. Op de kade achter was geen verkeer. Er hing een geheimzinnige stilte over de stad en de dingen. Zelfs de hond was er beduusd van.

Zij trok mij zachtjes voort, en draaide kek met haar heupen. Af en toe keek ze om. Ze wist naturulijk dat ik er was, ik had haar aan de lijn tenslotte, maar kennelijk wilde ze af en toe toch even checken hoe het met mij ging.

Alles was in orde (...)"

This piece is from the book “My life as a dog” written by Martin Bril. He was a Dutch poet, novelist and columnist that died few months ago on the cancer. I did not know him before. Now, when finally I got in touch with his work I want to have all of his books, poems and read articles that has been published weekly in the Dutch newspaper.

Luckily on his website I can find most of the work … and my first two books I will take on holiday …

zondag 31 mei 2009

Memories come with the smell…

There is an Asian fair in The Hague. The big tent has been placed on the Malieveld and the “other” world has been build. Invitation is simple “If you don't have the time or money to travel all the way to South-East Asia, come to the Tong Tong Fair in The Hague and imagine that you are in the East.”

For me it was more like going back to my time in Thailand: Chatuchak market (จตุจักร), MBK center (มาบุญครอง), Damnoen Saduak floating market(ดำเนินสะดวก) or Khao San Road (ถนน ข้าวสาร). The atmosphere, the crowd, the smell, the feeling, and plastic tablecloth in the eating places (calling those the restaurant would be a bit to much) … almost the same,only the prices in Euro instead of Thai bath….One day I will go back...for holiday ofcourse.

woensdag 27 mei 2009

Sdu The Hague Royal Ten...

Finally, I did it…my first 10K in 1:00:51. The run was very close by, in the park where I walk and run with Fuyo. I was nervous like a child before the first day of school… It was heavy, warm and very sunny. Last 2K I thought “why am I doing that, I am dying…” but what a satisfaction afterwards… searching for new runs and now the goal is not only to finish but do it within 1h …

zondag 17 mei 2009

Fuyo’s day…

What a day, what a day…

God said that the Sunday should be the day to rest, well this was not a case today…I feel as I have created the whole world just today.

Morning, around 7:00 o’clock I have waked up before the alarm went off…nervous before EG exam (Elementaire Gehoorzaamheid – Elementary Obedience) for Fuyo which was scheduled at 8:30. The exam went good. Not perfect, but come on, both Fuyo and me are note the “morning people”. The exam is build from 12 parts (see below, with the star obligatory part) and I think Fuyo’s score will be as follow:

1. Greetings * => 5,5 points ;(
2. Standing, being checked and showing the teeth * => 6 points
3. Walking on the lash* => 6 points
4. Sit and wait (at 5 meter distance) 30 seconds => 10 points ;))
5. Down and wait (at 5 meter distance) 1 minute* => 10 points ;))
6. Coming and sitting in front* => 10 points ;))
7. Sit next the foot from sitting in front => 10 points ;))
8. Attention exercise down/sit on the hand signal => 9 points
9. Bringing the toy and lay in hand => 9 points
10. Sending forward => 10 points ;))
11. Running the triangle => 7 points (I hope)
12. Total picture of all => 8 points (I wish)

10 minutes went fast, no time for corrections but as far as I know we have passed the exam. Fuyo’s diploma will be sent home and she is first on the list for the next curse which starts in September.

(Source: KC de Hofstad in Den Haag)

We had to hurry home because at 10:00 need to start our trip to Drenthe for Fuyo’s version of Sensation White.
Location: Forest in Drenthe
Dress code: White
Doors open: 13:00
Entrée: Free

There ware approximately 15 white shepherds, running freely and playing with each other. Most of the owners and breeders were from the northern part of Holland, we had to drive 2, 5 hours to get there but it was worth. First 15 minutes Fuyo was nervous, a bit disoriented, not knowing what to do with all this dogs running around. Eventually, she has relaxed, started to play, snuffle around, run with the other dogs and even participated in stealing the sticks and swimming. We came back at 6:00 p.m. after the whole day of excitements …

Some pictures below…

dinsdag 5 mei 2009


You can feel it in the air but even more see in the work environment. I am not going to talk about people that got laid off but about something else…As you might know I am in the container biz. and has got a pretty unusual request. “Are we able to ship a dead person in a reefer container?”
First of all, I thought my colleague was making fun of me. I am not working that long so I start laughing saying “come on, be serious” Actually, she was. Because, of the crisis and high flight rates the company was searching for an option to transport their dead employee from UK to Australia, where the man come from.
I was shocked. I do not know if this would be even possible…we declined the request but…I am curious if one of other shipping company has agreed.


donderdag 30 april 2009

time, time...

I have just finish the next book "Time Traveler's Wife "... by Audrey Niffenegger. Amazing story about love, life and the traveling in time. Have you ever though how it would be to be able to meet your younger self or your future partner when she/he was six years old… what to say, what to do and how to behave…

I was taken by the story, wanted to know what will happen and how all the problems will be solved… On the other hand, I did not want the story to end. It was beautiful and refreshing … a lot of feelings, colors, sounds, scents and extraordinary incidents…

The book is back on the shelf but there will be movie released in coming August … something to look forward to.

zondag 26 april 2009


Second cake in the oven, over one hour will be ready and me one year older… when did it happen???

woensdag 22 april 2009

Nespresso, what else…?

I like coffee, I like good coffee and must say that Nespresso has stolen my hart and my taste from the beginning… For the first time I got the cup with milk from F. after my arrival to the Netherlands. 12 hours in the bus, 2 hours at Rotterdam bus station waiting for W. with the two big bags, so heavy that I could not carry them to reach the phone hanging 100m from me, scared to death …

Eventually, he came with two oldest children and we went to The Hague. After bringing my belongings up-stairs in to my new room, we sat at the table and I had Voluto with thick milk froth. I was here, in NL with 4 children to take care of, no clue about Dutch and little about English drinking the best coffee ever….

As per Nespresso description -“Lightly roasted but full-bodied, Volluto's flavour is round and fresh with a cereal hint. Volluto's character is reinforced by a touch of acidity”

So it was and it is. Now we have our set … but still keep dreaming about the new coffee machine.

maandag 30 maart 2009

Corner of Holland...

First of all, Fuyo want to say or actually want to write on my blog the following:

What does it mean, I do not know, but who knows what the dogs want to bark about. Maybe she just wanted to woof that last Sunday we visit Hoek van Holland … no, not the city, but the beach and the dunes. The weather was nice, blue sky, sun and the small breeze. There is long white beach and the dunes where you can easly walk. In the summer the beach is closed for the dogs and opened partly for the naturists. From the distance you can see the Europort and the Maasvlakte with the typical industrial skyline.

Some pictures below.

And of course when there is accidentally an empty beer can on the picture made in The Netherlands…it must be … no, not Heineken but LECH (Polish beer) … ;))

dinsdag 17 maart 2009

And she can jump...

Fuyo became a woman, well… not really “a woman” but she got her firs period ;))
She is behaving quite normal, not cranky or moody, only less concentrated. The walks take ages since she is snuffing everything and marking her territory using few drops of pee every meter.

We have to be careful, walk with her on the lash and get rid of all the “gentlemen” trying to charm her. For the rest, she is usual her eating, drinking and playing…

zaterdag 14 maart 2009


With more than one hour delay we left for the winter holidays. 10 hours drive and we reached Flaine located in the Haute Savoie region of the French Alps (Grand Massive Area). 267 km of slopes ware waiting for us. They were just right for every one: green, blue, red and black. Quite funny was the fact that some slopes have been named after the Devils, chilling!!! There was Lucifer, Belzebuth, Faust and Mephisto which become our favorite one.

The weather was quite heavy on us, a lot of snow and only one day of sun and almost blue sky but we have been skiing no matter what and warming up with the hot chocolate at Ed’s place.

Our house was just perfect, much better than the last year. Big sleeping rooms for 2 persons with the bathroom, big sitting room with the open kitchen, balconies, the storage room for equipment and the sauna… just perfect place for 12 people to relax and do not step on each other toes.

The House:
My muscles were hurting few days but hey, this was a week of sport and great time!

As usual we have increased our vocabulary with the couple of new words:

HUPPETEE: there we go
PRUTSER: somebody that is quite unhandy, not clever and does silly stuff (so, all of us)
MAKE AN ANJO: loose the way, direction
DE GROTE DALMUTI: number one game of this winter ;)

Now just wait one year for the next….

zaterdag 28 februari 2009

Almost on the way …

… if the driver wakes up on time. Everything is ready standing by the door, two trainings bags, ski shoes, snowboard shoes and two hand bags with the necessary to survive 11 hours trip.

Where is the driver, where is the driver…

donderdag 19 februari 2009

The good guy and the uninspired girl...

The final countdown continues… still 6 days, exclusive weekend, and we are going to France. I cannot wait. It is not even about skiing, mountains or snow but about the free time and rest.

I am already thinking what books to take with me, one thick or better two thin, serious or funny… hard or paper cover… I like such dilemmas… simple holiday problems… I just finished The Good Guy by Dean Koontz. Nice, exciting story and if someone ever makes movie out of it, Bruce Willis should play the main character.

Nothing more, I have lack of inspirations due to hectic days that pumped the whole energy out of my body and the brain. My only creative activity lately is making the sandwiches for my work…

zondag 1 februari 2009

Family visit…

After more than eight months we went to visit Fuyo’s family living Aan Den Noordendijk.
I was curious rather she is going to recognize or feel that the dogs there belong to the same line/family. Noah the mother of Fuyo, Fennah the sister and Indy the half sister.

When we arrived, Fennah was standing and bluffing at the gate, it was funny to see how alike they were from a distance. We were quite shocked that from close by Fuyo was much bigger than her Fennah, she was even bigger than Noah and Indy. However, the expression on Fuyo's face, the hair curls on her back and figure are very similar to her mother. H. said that the curly tail she took after her grandfather(whoever he was).

The group (Noah, Indy, Fennah and Willow) have not given Fuyo the warm welcome, they were quite tough on her at first, just to show who is the boss at the farm. More than one hour Fuyo was with her family, checking each other, chasing, playing, barking…

I made some pictures, of course. It was so cold that not only my fingers stop working but my camera as well.

I think that Fuyo will have a great time being there during our skiing holidays and we will be relaxed that she will be under the good care of H.

Sisters kiss ***Fennah and Fuyo***

Listen to me little girl ***Noah and Fuyo***

***Fennah and Indy***

Happy Fuyo ***picture made by Helen***

woensdag 21 januari 2009

Intuition Winter Event…

That was a long time a go that I went to the party…this one was long needed, just relax, dink, dance and forget about the work, e-mails and hectic weeks days. Five hours went in a split of the second (almost) and we had to go home not fulfilled at all, ok, maybe a little…

The music was great, especially Menno did his best (as always). I had a talk with his younger brother who is also trying to be a DJ by playing “Drum & Bass” so I will not be his fan. Now, I am searching where to go, what to do, the Trance Energy comes the same time as my skiing holidays, Cosmic Gate is playing more often in PL than in NL, for Sensation we have to wait still long time, as they say … you can’t have everything…

Ah one advice…do not try to hug the dog when you drunk…you can lose the eye…

donderdag 15 januari 2009


Now days everything is important, urgent, very critical to be done and dressed in the exclamation point…

How to prioritize when everything should be done yesterday, little time to relax, stop for the moment and think…

How many people do things automatically, alarms go off , shower, breakfast, coffee, walking the dog or not, running for the train/bus/car, traffic, good morning everyone, email one…coffee, email 20…coffee, email 50, lunch, soup, bread, cheese, thank you, email 60…coffee, joke, ha ha ha, meeting, email 75…water, email 85, have good evening, tired, train/metro/car, traffic, home, grocery shopping, dog/cat/goldfish, dinner, tv/computer/children/sport, sleep…

Maybe I should write the stories in the morning or during the holidays, to describe the world a bit more colorful…

Some dogs have a beautiful life…one of them is lying next to me and dreaming … can dogs dream?

dinsdag 6 januari 2009

Shit, shit, shit…

I hate days like this! Nothing works and everything falls on my head. I am the whole day busy, bla, bla, bla, the day is over and still so much to do! Frustrating... where is the sun that helps to survive the winter.

zondag 4 januari 2009


Well, I thought that he was play backing in the film … you know, the “special effects” but apparently not … he can play and he can sing...

Let me introduce to you … Hugh Laurie in "America".

vrijdag 2 januari 2009

H is back…

The 5th season of House MD… I have not realized that there were 11 new episodes. I have all of them, saw already four today (privileges of being sick). New stories and he remains the same … sharp, funny and ass as always, just brilliant…

donderdag 1 januari 2009


…and we have a New Year, new beginning and new hopes… but lets see what the old year brought to my life…

 New job
 Fuyo
 Skiing group (this year second holidays together)
 Car
 Running (still not serious participation in any official runs)
 This blog and 71 posts
 A lot of good moments with my family and friends
 Few good parties and few bad ones
 Some really good books… and few movies
 Stolen bike

What will the New Year bring, we will see…I have wished to my family and friends a lot of happiness, health, persistence in reaching the goals, this tiny bit of luck that helps to arrange things, to be at the right place at the right moment … and love, lots of love!