maandag 7 februari 2011

Doldrums …

Can Fuyo, my dog, use the fitness pass and go for a run or maybe group lesson like spinning or body pump? Can I also send A. with her? They seem to have a lot of energy and I do not. The rubber frog is squeaking and fling around the room … and I just want to sink in the sofa. Need a strong Nespresso and I need it now!

woensdag 2 februari 2011

“Lucky” 13…

I am talking here about the number of people creating ski-snowboard group visiting the Krimml, in Austria anno domini 2011. I could describe the holidays in three words we came, we saw, we conquered … again! For those that would like to enjoy many km of different difficulty slopes, I recommend ZILLERTALARENA.

Even though we went there for the second time in the row (2010), we have not been bored or disappointed. 2 days of sun with 3 days of snow has given both the skiers and snowboarders the perfect conditions to enjoy. Beside the accidents that happened we had simply great time!

M: had got a quite a headache after smashing the side line wooden pole in to two halves, luckily wearing a helmet. “The best 120euro spend” he said afterwards.
D: hit the ground with her ribs loosing air and getting quite some pain. She spend 2 last days in the apartment i/o with the group.
E: being too optimistic with the slalom and trying to break the record, he almost broke a leg. No leg broken but the knee injury will lead probably to the surgery and revalidation afterwards ;(

For all people still going on the winter holidays BE CAREFULL and ENJOY!!!!!