maandag 29 november 2010


We were waiting… it was said that it would come last Thursday but eventually here it is, today. The first snow predated by two days of frost.

What I want is to take the blanket, warm chocolate and watch TV. What I am going to do is clean my car and go to the fitness school for the “body balance” and walk my white monster afterwards … Fuyo will go crazy, she is born to be a sledge dog , I think. Maybe she was a husky in her previous life …

woensdag 24 november 2010

The tiredness of thoughts …

Almost every day I have at least few topics for a blog and eventually nothing comes out of my head. Not one sentence , not even one word, not even a letter. I just admire work of the others: books, articles, blogs, posts … and respect most of them for a great eye to see, ear to listen and the easy way of writing.

I will write more, in the future but for now, I have finished “Lapidarium IV” and “Travels with Herodotus” by Ryszard Kapuscinski . I found both great, amazing, so true and surprising. I have become a big fan regardless the dispute rather what he has written should be classified as a fiction or journalism. I do not care that much and is just great to read.

I have also tried “I will sell the house, which I live in” (Inzerát na dům, ve kterém už nechci bydlet) by Bohumil Harabal. My goodness, what a book, Maslowska squared. I liked small pieces in the book, in the way “how crazy can you be to imagine such situations”, I was not able to finish ….to crazy and extraordinary. what makes you think while reading the below statements of old female character, selling the greasy sausages, midnight hours, in Prague:

“you will not die the natural way, and if you die, please let your body be cremated, give the ashes to me as your last will and I will use it to clean my forks and my knifes, this way it will happen something interesting to you, at least, like with a gift, with disaster or with love ”.

Is rather weird, isn’t it? The whole book is written this way…. I was so tired afterwards that I had to switch to Harry Potter. Highly recommended to all odd-ies . Good luck!