zondag 29 augustus 2010

At Sea…

Is getting cold and the rain is just taking all the space in the weather forecasts. You can feel that the days are becoming shorter and the summer is almost over. Still, every moment of sun, warm temperature or summer feeling, I try to catch and keep as long as possible knowing that slowly I need to switch from the out-SIGHT into in-SIGHT. It was quite convenient that this week was a restaurant week in the whole Netherlands. The concept is simple, for 25 euro (exclusive drinks), all the restaurants participating in the event serve the lunch or the dinner to the guests that made on-line reservation. The list of the restaurants is long and to get to the best ones you must be quick. Especially the ones with the Michelin stars.
I have visit two restaurants De Basiliek in the center of The Hague for the girls out dinner and At Sea in Sheveningen with my A. Both nice but I was impressed by the second which I would highly recommend to try.

The restaurant is situated in the yacht harbor in Sheveningen, which already gives a the atmosphere suitable to the name At Sea. The internal design makes the feeling even better. A ship, yacht, boat, black, with, red and wood… simple, classic and chic. And the food … simply delicious, made always from the day fresh products, served with the suitable wine menu.

As the restaurant is quite new (one year) they did their best and served 5 courses menu.
** Appetizer** three glasses filed with very small fish (still do not know what was the name of it), fried and looking on us from the glass, paprika muss with the long crackers and mega big olives
**Starter** sardines on the ratatouille and salad
**Main** Veal on the string beans and potatoes with the pesto sauce
**in between** water ice made of tonic
**desert** griespap (no clue how it is called in EN) with the red fruits and the vanilla ice-cream
…finished with coffee and the bonbons mix.
One word … YUMMY!!!

source of the pictures: www.restaurantatsea.nl