woensdag 30 maart 2011

Having good luck…

I have a bit of trauma when going to visit my mum in Poland by car.
Simply, I hate driving there and not because of the bad road which in the West Pomeranian region are actually quite good, but because of the way most of the Polish people drive.

It was different when was living there and been driving in Little Fiat 126p. My perception changed since I’ve been living more than 10 years in NL and got used to highways and in general proper way of driving. Exceptions exists of course.

Saying that, the latest incident definitely will not help to get over a creepy filing when being on the Polish roads. Recently, my aunt had an accident. She is alright, having some bruises, cuts and small wounds which is MORE THAN LUCK taking in to consideration the frontal strike and the damage on the car as seen on the below pictures. LUCKELY she was driving alone on the way to pick up my grandma … I do not even want to think what would happen if she was taking her home which happens quite often during the year.

The guy driving the new Volkswagen was in the hurry, of course reasonable explanation, and was passing another car as a third one in the row (na trzeciego)… Those people that never have driven or been in Poland would not imagine how stupid it is and how many people do it … well he did not fit apparently, causing the accident that could cost a life of innocent person. Make me sick!!

source of the photos www. Iswinoujscie.pl

vrijdag 4 maart 2011


HEY is coming to The Hague. They will play one concert in Paard van Troje 17 April 2011 and we girls will be there. It will be like being 18 again ....