donderdag 8 september 2011


I like the photo workshops, I like them even more if I can learn more that I already knew, practice, be creative and most important ... have fun. I manage to have all of this yesterday evening.

After short presentation, 10 groups run outside to perform the assignment. Each group could make maximum 12 photos on the assigned topic(we had to think first before taking shot)and choose 2 photos to present. There were quite some nice pictures and prices to win.

Let me introduce the 3rd price winner under assignment: "CHANCES"

Additionaly to the hand shake of the teacher, I've got the one year entry to the Fotomuseum in Rotterdam. Me happy!!!

The most amazing was the photo that got first price. My colleague hold the "real" camera for the first time in his life and he manage to get picture like photographer with at least 20 years experience ... so cool!