vrijdag 31 december 2010

Let it snow …

The week holidays in Ardennes was in general WHITE. I have not seen so much snow for a long time and I hope not to see it for the next 50 years, okay maybe during the skiing holidays but that's a different story. This time we have visited other part of Ardennes then two years ago. We have chosen the area close to Malmedy with our house in Libomont booked via www.dogsincluded.nl. Very nice place and the region with enormous possibilities to walk, unfortunately not that many in the winter time. We have tried our best and visited Château de Reinhardstein, Nature Centre of Botrange and the dam in Eupen. There, the walking paths were quite well prepared but everywhere else after half hour of walk we simply had to give up. The snow was far to deep.

Affected by the weather conditions we have searched for the alternatives and discovered a Jacques Chocolate fabric (without Willy Wonka) and the local brewery BRASSERIE DE BELLEVAUX. Both the chocolate and the beer very tasty ;)) maybe even a bit to good.

All and all, with all above, a lot of wine, beer and wonderful bakery “just around the corner” we had great time, White Christmas and a lot of snow fun.

dinsdag 14 december 2010


Can you think that your computer is dead, not breathing, screen black and that you lose all your files, programs, music, photos and other things that you have been working for last days, months, years ... well I have not lost everything but quite a lot, especially programs and films that I could not backup properly ;(. Now I have to be patient and step by step rebuild my old computer life ...

Can you imagine how will your day looked like without internet? How long will you survive without e-mail, Facebook, news, blog, youtube, your list of favorites ...

I read an article that from a group of 500 people, 40% of women and 20% of men will rather have 2 weeks without sex than without the internet ... interesting.

I miss my Microsoft office and Photoshop Light room ...

maandag 29 november 2010


We were waiting… it was said that it would come last Thursday but eventually here it is, today. The first snow predated by two days of frost.

What I want is to take the blanket, warm chocolate and watch TV. What I am going to do is clean my car and go to the fitness school for the “body balance” and walk my white monster afterwards … Fuyo will go crazy, she is born to be a sledge dog , I think. Maybe she was a husky in her previous life …

woensdag 24 november 2010

The tiredness of thoughts …

Almost every day I have at least few topics for a blog and eventually nothing comes out of my head. Not one sentence , not even one word, not even a letter. I just admire work of the others: books, articles, blogs, posts … and respect most of them for a great eye to see, ear to listen and the easy way of writing.

I will write more, in the future but for now, I have finished “Lapidarium IV” and “Travels with Herodotus” by Ryszard Kapuscinski . I found both great, amazing, so true and surprising. I have become a big fan regardless the dispute rather what he has written should be classified as a fiction or journalism. I do not care that much and is just great to read.

I have also tried “I will sell the house, which I live in” (Inzerát na dům, ve kterém už nechci bydlet) by Bohumil Harabal. My goodness, what a book, Maslowska squared. I liked small pieces in the book, in the way “how crazy can you be to imagine such situations”, I was not able to finish ….to crazy and extraordinary. what makes you think while reading the below statements of old female character, selling the greasy sausages, midnight hours, in Prague:

“you will not die the natural way, and if you die, please let your body be cremated, give the ashes to me as your last will and I will use it to clean my forks and my knifes, this way it will happen something interesting to you, at least, like with a gift, with disaster or with love ”.

Is rather weird, isn’t it? The whole book is written this way…. I was so tired afterwards that I had to switch to Harry Potter. Highly recommended to all odd-ies . Good luck!

donderdag 7 oktober 2010

First times…

I like the first times … the whole idea behind it, the excitement, the thrill, the unknown. Of course you can immediately think about the first times like sex, kiss, love when the butterflies try to escape your stomach. But actually all the first times have similar components especially one, they end, leaving space to the second, third, fourth, fifth ...

You will hear the stories about the experience of the other people, people you know or just met or maybe you have read about something in the book, article or saw it on television but still… you have no idea how you will feel, think and behave. How dip it will touch you.

First pregnancy, child, dog, cat, trip on the plane, ship, first bike ride, car ride, motor ride … the first alcohol, soft drug, hard drug, smart drug, cigarette, joint and the firs headache afterwards … first school day, swimming lesson, work, first haircut, dentist, broken leg, arm or finger … you name it … you can think about it, you can imagine how it will be … but actually … no idea.

My first times this week were simple, visit the city library, first lesson of the wine course and walk with Fuyo at the Vlietland. Waiting for next millions of the first times.

zondag 29 augustus 2010

At Sea…

Is getting cold and the rain is just taking all the space in the weather forecasts. You can feel that the days are becoming shorter and the summer is almost over. Still, every moment of sun, warm temperature or summer feeling, I try to catch and keep as long as possible knowing that slowly I need to switch from the out-SIGHT into in-SIGHT. It was quite convenient that this week was a restaurant week in the whole Netherlands. The concept is simple, for 25 euro (exclusive drinks), all the restaurants participating in the event serve the lunch or the dinner to the guests that made on-line reservation. The list of the restaurants is long and to get to the best ones you must be quick. Especially the ones with the Michelin stars.
I have visit two restaurants De Basiliek in the center of The Hague for the girls out dinner and At Sea in Sheveningen with my A. Both nice but I was impressed by the second which I would highly recommend to try.

The restaurant is situated in the yacht harbor in Sheveningen, which already gives a the atmosphere suitable to the name At Sea. The internal design makes the feeling even better. A ship, yacht, boat, black, with, red and wood… simple, classic and chic. And the food … simply delicious, made always from the day fresh products, served with the suitable wine menu.

As the restaurant is quite new (one year) they did their best and served 5 courses menu.
** Appetizer** three glasses filed with very small fish (still do not know what was the name of it), fried and looking on us from the glass, paprika muss with the long crackers and mega big olives
**Starter** sardines on the ratatouille and salad
**Main** Veal on the string beans and potatoes with the pesto sauce
**in between** water ice made of tonic
**desert** griespap (no clue how it is called in EN) with the red fruits and the vanilla ice-cream
…finished with coffee and the bonbons mix.
One word … YUMMY!!!

source of the pictures: www.restaurantatsea.nl

maandag 19 juli 2010

Delftse Hout ...

Nice place to go when the sky is blue, the sun hot and the grass green. The dogs can run and swim without problems and constant supervision. I did not have to worry that Fuyo will bite somebody ass, steal the ball of poor child or that she will run in to somebody’s stuff wet and stinky or roll over the picnic blanket. The expectations of all owners are the same … everything can happen and people are more loosen up about it. I could also use my new phone (Sony Ericsson – Xperia X10) by making some funny pictures.

maandag 12 juli 2010

new phone ...

bought yesterday, playing today, having acctualy other things to do, like for example doing KRAUTHAMMER test, for leadership program. picture of fuyo quite o.k.

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zondag 27 juni 2010

Taste of Amsterdam 2010 …

The event was in Amsterdam in the green Amstelpark. The weather was amazing as well the food.
We (A., E. and myself) have decided to visit the lunch part and have arrived at app. 12:30 with a good mood and the empty stomach. Nice atmosphere, workshops and shows in the tents, small snacks ant tasting outside just in front of the stands.
We have started with the restaurants and had: Smart Bun with vegetarian curry, smart Bun with Peking Duck at JULIUS and Tuna with soya-wasabi marshmallows and green apple at LUTE. It was just a good beginning. Further we enjoyed Tagliatelle with backed mushrooms, caramelized shallots, balsamic vinegar, parmesan and truffles and as addition Coquille, Crayfish and passion fruit at Lola’s.
It is just amazing what kind of taste the kooks can make from simple ingredients. At MOMO we went for MOMO roll : tuna, salmon and sea bass with avocado and spicy tarragon miso with tempura crunchy and at Toscannini I had salad with mozzarella and vegetables and E. sausage from the grill…
I did some small shopping as well:
- Sla dressing (Raspberry and Mustard)
- Irish Country Relish (Tomato souse)
- Fig chutney (Made by Old Amsterdam)
- Honey tomatoes
The best surprise was Strawberry Ice-cream with the chili pepper, sweet with the hot aftertaste and Gruner Veltliner white wine.

Next year we will join again!

vrijdag 25 juni 2010

Tick, Click and you have it …

I was approximately 8 years old when I saw WHAM and heard “Wake me up before you go go…” for the first time in my life. I was in LOVE. Side comment: I didn’t even know what “gay” was at that time and nobody knew that George was one of them. Anyway, I was not only in love with him but also with the song. Crazy in love. I have spend hours in front of my aunt’s cassette recorder made by Grundig to record the song …. Sometimes, I was able to get a half of it, sometimes the whole one, with some talking of the radio presenter in between (now: podcast). Most of the time I was simply too late to record it at all … The pieces that I had, I was playing all over again… and singing in my “own English way”.

Nowadays we have iPhones (or other telephones) and when we hear the music that we like, we can record small piece, go online and buy it. DONE! Simply brilliant! But no changeless like back in the old good times!

donderdag 17 juni 2010

The training continues…

After disappointing Ladies Run where I got 1:00:15 (my goal was under one hour, I know 15 sec. but still, come on...) I decide to train a bit harder to get the better results next time. I have not chosen the next event yet but definitely must be UNDER ONE HOUR! Anyway, the event was great and we had quite some fun. Pink was visible everywhere. Some of the girls did quite a lot of efforts to look original. Definitely worthed repeating next year!
Some photos from the http://www.ladiesrun.nl/

And the full determination...

vrijdag 11 juni 2010


I have head overloaded with thoughts and emotions. It hurts, it hurts very bad. Sometimes I think I am going to explode. Crusoe my captain, where is your remote tropical island that you have been living in peace and quiet. Is it still there , available and for free…

donderdag 10 juni 2010

Together apart…

Just till today the people from the Netherlands have been divided as the supporters of different political parties during the parliament elections. Tomorrow they will become one big family, not because the good coalition will be created to govern the country but because the World Cup Football in South Africa will start.

Everyone dreams about the Netherlands to be a world champion but also everyone knows that the parliament coalition is more likely to happen …

zondag 30 mei 2010

Getting better …

Ta ta ta tara ra ra … I am happy. I have participated in the Sdu The Hague Royal Ten again. This time my goal was to run under one hour and here we go 58:56. The weather was good for run, not to warm, not to cold and the rain stopped just for hour. The first kilometer I was fighting with my iPod. I have prepared exact 1 hour play list with the Tiesto’s “Escape me” as the last song… It started with the last 300m but because I was messing up at the beginning I didn’t know exactly if it was enough … but it was! I am always amazed about the number of participants and their age. There was even a man with a dog. I wish I could do such a competition with Fuyo, maybe one day, now I would be torn apart when she would see a cat, a rabbit or something else moving in a different direction ;). It was a bit a shame that A. had to work maybe my result would be even better.
Over two weeks the Ladies Run in Rotterdam, the run against the cancer. I will be aiming for better time, of course!

woensdag 26 mei 2010

The plan…

Sometimes, suddenly I have the story in my head, story for a blog, but eventually nothing is written… I have started to carry small notebook and a pen just in case I want to write the line, keywords or anything that pops in to my head. This was/is a plan but like hundreds other plans stays in the planning box.The same box as go for run, not eat sweets, drink more water, clean the house, learn Spanish or maybe better German, call this or other person, make appointment, learn excel, practice baking, safe money, read this book, buy new clothes, bag, shoes, shampoo, go to hairdresser, visit friends, invite them here …………………………….. plan, plan, plan.
Anyway, I have started about the story, yes, right I baked the cheesecake, very good one, the receipt of A’s mother (confidential). The cake does not exactly help in my preparation for 10K next Sunday, running is going worse than the baking. On top of all I just watched last Brothers and Sisters episode (episode 23 season 4) … crucial STORY and have to wait one week for continuation…. Annoying!!!!

I know that this post is chaotic … maybe I need a good plan to write something better.

woensdag 19 mei 2010

Long weekend …

Finally I took all the courage together and decided to drive to Poland. For the first time I was driving alone (with P. as my navigator, kook, entertainment center and Fuyo as my … dog). A. was a bit freaking out, reminding me to drive safe, rest, be careful, make enough stops, do not crazy and many, many other warnings. We left at 6:15 after good night sleep, full of energy and bags with food and drinks. We reach my mum place (834km further) at 15:15 without any problems, with 2 stops to relax and one for the petrol… I do not know how does it work but without A. next to me I am much more relaxed and have been not that tired after the whole trip ;).

Poland is still the same. My family busy with work, from morning to evening, most of them 7 days a week and happy that there is a work and business is rolling. When I come back to NL, I am being “home” sick for 2-3 days and thinking how nice it would be to have all my closest family here. After this few days when becoming busy with the “usual stuff”, my “homesickness” is gone with the wind and it’s good again.

The way back to NL was far from nice. We had the traffic jam before, in and behind Hamburg.
It seemed that all German nation went for the long weekend to the sea side and on Sunday everyone wanted to go back home. Scheisse stau!!!! Anyway, it took us 12,5 hours to reach Voorburg … I was so tired that I could not fall asleep. It was definitely a long weekend.

zaterdag 1 mei 2010


I was like a flashback from 8 years ago. Despite the fact that the book “ Aupairanoia” by Nicky Huisman en Leonie Verbeek (in Dutch only) had been written from the host-mother perspective, still has brought a lot of memories from the time that I was an Au-pair. 4 small kids, dog, busy schedule, nice and less nice people around, mothers that care and those that do not, people with the money leaving in completely different world. For a girl that comes to live with the family it’s a big cultural shock. It is not easy but if you lucky you can have great memories …

I was thinking that I would have enough material for one book too but then from the Au-pair position ;)). Maybe I should talk to A. and start writing. The stories are just there.

vrijdag 30 april 2010

Bitter melon…

For my birthday few years ago, I have got a nice Thai cook book. I am using it from time to time if want to try something new. Last time I have made a bitter melon omelet . Nice surprise. The fruit looks like a thick cucumber is rich in calcium, iron, carotene, vitamin C and B. The recipe is quite simple.
175g bitter melon, 4 eggs, soya sauce, sunflower oil, salt, white pepper, garlic, rice or bread.
Wash the bitter melon, cut in half and take out the seeds (white inside with the seeds actually). You can use only the hard, green side, cut in to pieces app. 2 cm and put it in to the bowl add the salt and mix. Let it for 30 min. The salt will take the bitterness out from the fruit. Mix the eggs with soya souse to get the mix with a bit of foam. Put the oil in to the pan, add garlic, bitter melon and cook for 2-3 minutes. Add the prepared eggs and cook for 1-2 minutes till the omelet will be light brown.
In the meantime prepare the rice or bread.
When ready, put the omelet on the rice or bread, add a bit of white pepper and sweet chili sauce.

vrijdag 9 april 2010

Book from Dublin…

Few years ago I went to visit my friends in Dublin. Together with A. of course. We had a very good time despite the rain and the buses you have to wait for ages. We visited not only the pubs but also some historical monuments, prison, churches and … the shops. There, in one of the bookshops, I bought a book “The Pompeii Syndrome” written by Irish writer David Rice. Since I always buy more books I can ever read, I came across this book in my bookshelf two weeks ago and I have finished yesterday.

Well it is quite frightening story. I think it would have a more impact if I would read it back when I bought it, when the impact of 9/11 in 2001, London bombing in 2005 and the whole terrorism situation was more “fresh” than it is right now. However, despite the time, the story in the book makes you wonder “Would it be ever possible” . I don’t know but when I read page after page and came across the examples in the book, I thought it is quite realistic even though it is fiction. We are not aware what kind of power some people have and what they are able to do. Actually, we think we know but still for most of us some behaviors and some beliefs are “not real” , are simply unthinkable.

That’s exactly what the Pompeii syndrome is, a situation that people do not want to think about even when a lot of facts, information, predictions, signs point that something will or can happen. People still assume “It could never happen to us!” like in Pompeii, when the people ignored the erupting volcano which eventually buried the whole city under the 20 m of ash and pumice. People knew that it may happen but could not believe that it will … same in the book … but what if… read for yourself.

dinsdag 16 maart 2010


I have borrowed a book from K. She is well known from having a “non-standard” books, interesting, well written, funny, exciting but always with more than one dimension. What I got now is “Hopscoth” (Spanish: “Rayuela”, Polish: “Gra w klasy”), a novel by Argentine author Julio Cortázar. One book, two stories.

The first story you can read as usual, starting from the 1st chapter and ending on the 56th, the second you start with the chapter 73 and follow a specific order... 73-1-2-116-3-84 (…) 131. I thought, for a change I will play with this book and went a unconventional way. I am not sure if it would make any difference. I started the book but not finished yet… while reading I feel … stupid. I do not understand the plot. I have to go through the worlds as: hedonism, anachronism, antagonism, transcendentalism, penelopism, and many similar ones, I read the long sentences once or twice to understand and I am really tired after one chapter (the chapters are not that long). I have not been working so hard on a book since my high school when I had to read the obligatory books for Polish lessons.

I am stubborn and I will finish the book over my dead body (brain) and maybe, just maybe I will have a deeper thoughts afterwards which I won’t miss to share with K.

zaterdag 13 maart 2010


My mum is lovely. Two months ago I have accidently discover a very good literature magazine called “Ivy” ( “Bluszcz”). I have immediately sms my mum and asked her to buy me a current issue. This morning I got two, shipped from Poland. They are lying next to me, new, untouched, waiting to tell many interesting stories. Interviews with the writers, actors, producers, books reviews, short fiction stories, pieces of the interesting books, 170 pages of an different world… I love it!

People can write, damn, people can write in interesting and passionate way … people have imagination and gift to change world in to the text so brilliant that makes somebody like me to lose the grip of reality, what’s written matters, rest is less important.

The title of the magazine is so well matched with the feeling you get while reading … you are snarled with the stories like the a tree with Ivy branches.

vrijdag 12 maart 2010

Friday evening…

… 20 min walk with the dog, one pizza and one glass of wine later … the weekend can finally begin. I have no plans for coming two days … sport only … good, I need it. We have like 20 films to watch and also waiting for Brothers and Sisters Season 2 to be ready … for once in a while it is nice not to do and not to be …
By the way I have just finished a new, old book (1961) “Solaris” by Stanislaw Lem now I want to see the film with George Clooney despite the fact that a lot of people think the film sucks….

zondag 21 februari 2010

Krimml 2010 (Austria)

First you plan, then you wait, later you go, then you come back and after one or two weeks you don’t even feel that you were gone.
It was one week of great fun, more than 1000km from home, 13 people, a beautiful chalet with a fridge than 2 people can fit in, almost endless amount of beautiful slopes and good weather for most of the time. Just week before D day we need to buy the winter tires, prepare the car and install the ski box ….. One “old” member of our group could not go and since he has always the biggest car, we had to organize two other instead.
The trip there was good planed by A&S, maps has been printed out, stops for lunch and dinner fixed, TomToms set and ready… off we go…first crossing, everyone goes direction Utrecht , we direction Breda, of course why not… shit, shit, shit will we meet them eventually? Highway almost empty , speed within allowed, small misunderstanding with TomTom in Eindhoven but still we reach the first meeting point two hours before the rest. Apparently the A3 was full of traffic and unexpected events. Rest of the trip went ok, snow and darkness was a bit freaky especially when you go up the mountains and the way is one big turn festival. We managed to pick up the key, find our “Herders hut”, unpack the car and prepare some thee before the rest reach the place.
Sunday, first day of skiing … I love it, Armin, Tiesto, Above and Beyond on my iPod, sliding down, finding the best way and try not to break anything… A. had less luck though. First day he was injured and could not snowboard until end of the holidays. Bummer but next year we will go there again… Zillertal Arena with Zell am Ziller, Gerlos, Königsleiten, Gerlosplatte has in total 166km of slops (10 km black, 114 km red , 42 km blue). There is a lot toexplore especially when you start the day early in the morning and be outside at 9 ‘clock, when the lifts are just open and the slopes are fresh prepared. The party can begin… still 11 months to go…

zaterdag 23 januari 2010

Ups and downs…

I was running, I was running quite often but then the winter came. Cold, wet, snowy, icy weather and darkness … so I stopped just like this … the warm home, the couch and the remote control won the battle over the evenings after work. Unfortunately, it does not help, sitting and moving nothing but your fingers. The energy left me so I decided, enough is enough and signed for a free introduction lesson at the fitness close by. I was planning this for a long time. Every time when I was driving A12 home, the blue letters of the logo were blinking at inviting me to try.
Since that day (last Sunday) I am a proud member of the fitness Westvliet in the Hague.. Good place to do all kind of group sports, racket sports and fitness. Spinning, Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, Xco, Body mind, Body pump, squash, tennis, badminton … I will not get bored, I hope ;).
Everything is pretty Hi-tech, I got the special key (key to my success) with the training program on in. I just need to insert it in every machine I will use and the screen will tell me welcome Iza, you have to do 2x 10 abdomen exercise, use 15 KG and the next exercise will be biceps on the machine number 16. How easy can it get… now I just need to sweat and that’s it…piece of cake… or maybe no cake for me, thank you.

maandag 18 januari 2010

Nespresso …

Yesterday we have celebrated A. birthday, 32… very serious age. One of the presents he got was a Nespresso Aeroccino and I LIKE IT… Now we can make cappuccino, coffee macchiato, ice coffee, actually any coffee with milk so incredibly easy that our (my) daily consumption will significantly increase ;)) Coincidently, I have read in today’s newspaper (those that know me , know also that I am not reading news in general so it was very big coincident) about the secrets behind the success of Nespresso. There are couple and I have put them in the priority I think plays most important role:
 George Clooney and good ads ;)
 Very good coffee
 Easy use, take the capsule, put in to machine and press the button
 Well design and reasonable priced coffee machines
 Chic Nespresso shops where you are welcomed to drink your favorite coffee (Paris, Antwerp, Amsterdam….)
 Nespresso club………
In numbers:
1986 – introduction of Nespresso (Nestle), 1% of the world coffee production, 7 million members of Nespresso Club, 2001 – first shop in Paris, 2006 - George Clooney and “Nespresso what else” slogan, 1700 patents to protect the product ….
I love it from 2000… it was a good year by the way…

vrijdag 8 januari 2010

The salt is finished or maybe not…

Three weeks ago the weather changed and the real winter has begun. A lot of snow has fallen and everything stopped for a while, the white duvet covered the world. Everyone went crazy, some people because of the freshness of the snow, some others because there was no public transportation whatsoever.

On Monday the story continued… no trains, delays, slippery streets …again The Netherlands has been surprised by the weather conditions. Last week we were informed about the shortage of the salt used to cover the ice on the streets. Every municipality has started panicking and searching for the new solutions …hebes… bath salt (at least has nice color and smells good). Outside still cold and slippery, traffic, long hours spend in the cars on the way to work and way back.

Television and radio stations are reporting bed situation on the roads and no salt. There are two big producers in NL, the warehouses are empty, it will be enough for one time to cover all the main highways and then… ANWB and NS advise to stay at home …
Today the big news, yes, yes, yes Akzo Nobel can produce enough salt to the end of the winter, no need to worry, we are rescued Hiep, hiep hoera!!! Belachelijk!

woensdag 6 januari 2010


Winter is testing my level of acceptance… In my work performance appraisals I get flexibility and openness to changes as my prime strengths. However, in some cases I am NOT. Let’s take the weather outside… I am not open to cold and darkness, not flexible at all and I WANT SPRING and THE GREEN GRASS!!! I was thinking to go on strike or at least as grizzly or ice bears do, go to the winter sleep and wake up somewhere in March. I have not asked A. neither Fuyo about their opinion and permission. Only the thought of warm bed in this cold circumstances put smile on my face and make me sleepy.

I remember when I was 8-12 years old, willing to be outside the whole day when the first snow has fallen. The wet shoes, jacket and glows were not the problem to spend hours playing with my friends. Sliding, skiing, skating, igloo building, snowball fights and many other activities until our lips went blue from the cold… it was great fun. Nowadays walk with Fuyo is the only thing I can convince myself to do when the temperature drops below 0 ºC. Unfortunately, I have to get to work, do the shoping walking, waiting, train and metro… cold, cold, cold… feeling frozen waiting for spring.