zondag 30 mei 2010

Getting better …

Ta ta ta tara ra ra … I am happy. I have participated in the Sdu The Hague Royal Ten again. This time my goal was to run under one hour and here we go 58:56. The weather was good for run, not to warm, not to cold and the rain stopped just for hour. The first kilometer I was fighting with my iPod. I have prepared exact 1 hour play list with the Tiesto’s “Escape me” as the last song… It started with the last 300m but because I was messing up at the beginning I didn’t know exactly if it was enough … but it was! I am always amazed about the number of participants and their age. There was even a man with a dog. I wish I could do such a competition with Fuyo, maybe one day, now I would be torn apart when she would see a cat, a rabbit or something else moving in a different direction ;). It was a bit a shame that A. had to work maybe my result would be even better.
Over two weeks the Ladies Run in Rotterdam, the run against the cancer. I will be aiming for better time, of course!

woensdag 26 mei 2010

The plan…

Sometimes, suddenly I have the story in my head, story for a blog, but eventually nothing is written… I have started to carry small notebook and a pen just in case I want to write the line, keywords or anything that pops in to my head. This was/is a plan but like hundreds other plans stays in the planning box.The same box as go for run, not eat sweets, drink more water, clean the house, learn Spanish or maybe better German, call this or other person, make appointment, learn excel, practice baking, safe money, read this book, buy new clothes, bag, shoes, shampoo, go to hairdresser, visit friends, invite them here …………………………….. plan, plan, plan.
Anyway, I have started about the story, yes, right I baked the cheesecake, very good one, the receipt of A’s mother (confidential). The cake does not exactly help in my preparation for 10K next Sunday, running is going worse than the baking. On top of all I just watched last Brothers and Sisters episode (episode 23 season 4) … crucial STORY and have to wait one week for continuation…. Annoying!!!!

I know that this post is chaotic … maybe I need a good plan to write something better.

woensdag 19 mei 2010

Long weekend …

Finally I took all the courage together and decided to drive to Poland. For the first time I was driving alone (with P. as my navigator, kook, entertainment center and Fuyo as my … dog). A. was a bit freaking out, reminding me to drive safe, rest, be careful, make enough stops, do not crazy and many, many other warnings. We left at 6:15 after good night sleep, full of energy and bags with food and drinks. We reach my mum place (834km further) at 15:15 without any problems, with 2 stops to relax and one for the petrol… I do not know how does it work but without A. next to me I am much more relaxed and have been not that tired after the whole trip ;).

Poland is still the same. My family busy with work, from morning to evening, most of them 7 days a week and happy that there is a work and business is rolling. When I come back to NL, I am being “home” sick for 2-3 days and thinking how nice it would be to have all my closest family here. After this few days when becoming busy with the “usual stuff”, my “homesickness” is gone with the wind and it’s good again.

The way back to NL was far from nice. We had the traffic jam before, in and behind Hamburg.
It seemed that all German nation went for the long weekend to the sea side and on Sunday everyone wanted to go back home. Scheisse stau!!!! Anyway, it took us 12,5 hours to reach Voorburg … I was so tired that I could not fall asleep. It was definitely a long weekend.

zaterdag 1 mei 2010


I was like a flashback from 8 years ago. Despite the fact that the book “ Aupairanoia” by Nicky Huisman en Leonie Verbeek (in Dutch only) had been written from the host-mother perspective, still has brought a lot of memories from the time that I was an Au-pair. 4 small kids, dog, busy schedule, nice and less nice people around, mothers that care and those that do not, people with the money leaving in completely different world. For a girl that comes to live with the family it’s a big cultural shock. It is not easy but if you lucky you can have great memories …

I was thinking that I would have enough material for one book too but then from the Au-pair position ;)). Maybe I should talk to A. and start writing. The stories are just there.