vrijdag 31 juli 2009

let's begin the day...

If you wake up and see the sky like on the pictures then you forget that it is 6 a.m.

donderdag 30 juli 2009


The petrol gauge turned red… the petrol is almost finished and I have to go throughout tomorrow … will somebody help me and tow me through the day… or will I find the petrol station in my dream...

zondag 26 juli 2009

Toscana part 2 – Books

Before we even went on holidays I have decided that I am going to read and rest. I did not want to have holidays like we had before: busy busy, busy … RELAX that was my motto. Every afternoon I was taking one hour nap and reading for a while…

“Afgunst” by Saskia Noort – Is a very short thriller about love, power, jalousie, sex life and dominant behavior. People say, typical Saskia story … so decided to read more of her in the future.

“People of the book” by Geraldine Brooks – The story has been inspired by the existing, mysterious codex known as the Sarajevo Haggadah. The book takes you from Nazi sacking of Sarajevo through Vienna, an inquisition era in Venice and Spain where the whole story actually begins. Written in such a perfect way that you cannot put he book down without knowing who, what and why…

“The wooden sea” by Jonathan Carroll – The book is crazy and mysterious as all books of Carroll. The tale of the Police Chief Frannie McCabe and the small Crane's View city begins as ordinary story but quickly changes in to unexplained, puzzling chain of happenings.

“Mijn leven als een hond” by Martin Bril – These are very nice and funny short stories about the animals and the every day life. It is kind of Blog on paper …

2 weeks, 4 books …still, I need quite a lot of free time and holidays to finish all my books standing and waiting to be read … some times I hear them whispering “take me, I have such a beautiful and interesting story to tell…”

vrijdag 17 juli 2009

www.my life.com

Have you ever thought how many people are actually having something to say on the websites, blogs, forums and other internet platforms… and there is quite good stuff on the net… but how to read all this, work, read the books, taking care of the house, your cat, dog, husband and the children? Prioritizing, balancing what important and what not important… what if someone want to have it all… mission impossible.

Second night I will sleep on the couch downstairs, listening to every breath and move of Fuyo. She had a sterilization surgery on Thursday and we want to keep good eye on her. Yesterday, she was still a bit weak and addled. Walking around, sleeping and wanting to cuddle and be close to us… my hard break when I see her like this, I am such a sissy. Today is much better; she drinks a lot, eats, walks faster and has the sparkling in the eyes back. We are on the good way ….

donderdag 16 juli 2009

Toscana part 1 – Places

I was thinking what would be the best way to describe our Holiday in Toscana.
Still not sure but I will try, since 3 weeks passed and no word on my blog about this beautiful province in Italy.

This part will be about the places we have visited from our idyllic apartment which was in the middle of quiet hills, fields of grains and olives trees. Good for rest, reading and sleeping …a bit difficult for visiting the cities…but we did anyway: Volttera, Pisa, San Gimignano, Siena and in the Chianti region Greve, Radda, Castellina, Panzano and Montefioralle.

Voltera: our grocery shopping city, 24 km from the apartment but more than 30 minutes of drive. This city is known as Etruscan center and Alabaster craft. Voltera is small, cozy city with a lot of restaurants, small streets, the beautiful old roman theatre, squares and park perfect for the hanging around, read books or just sit and observe the life around.

San Gimignano: The Manhattan of the Toscana. In the old days the cities had 72 towers, now there are 15 left but still they make a wonderful sight. The main streets (no cars allowed) are filed with the wine shops, restaurants, boutiques, squares, markets and unfortunately tourists. The best time to visit the city is the morning. We were there in the afternoon because we have planned to walk around San Gimignano first. It was tough, because of the weather (full sun) and walking up the hills. Even thought we have made few stops to rest and give Fuyo water we were tired and deserved a big Ice cream at the end.

Montefioralle: It was the last city on our list of the Chianti region to visit. We started with Castellina where we bought some wine, went to Radda, and had real Italian lunch in Panzano. We didn’t want to miss the capital of the Chianti region, Greve, but actually we should. When we head for Montefioralle we were lucky that we did not pass it, so small is this village. There is one street making the circle, stairs going up to the church and parking lot situated 30% degree up. Tricky…. What an atmosphere, a paradise for taking the pictures, try different angles and settings…

Pisa and Siena were also nice but this you will find on every forum or website about Toscana.

donderdag 2 juli 2009

Evening guest…

I wanted to write about the holidays but still thinking how to put two weeks on the piece of paper…well on the piece of screen.

So just to let everyone know that we are life and kicking…

Last night we were more alive than during the day.

All this because of 4 legs, a tail and the bell. At 2:45 we have been woken up by the cat, which seemed to come into our house and hide behind the bedroom curtains. We have been chasing the cat for 20min, listening to his bell and searching for his hiding place. He/She was sitting on the table on the attic. I could see the big eyes in the dark. When started to take stars up, the cat jumped through the window in to the dark… and I do not even like cats… that’s why they bother me.

I had still 3 hours before my alarm goes on… and I will jump in to the day light.