maandag 30 maart 2009

Corner of Holland...

First of all, Fuyo want to say or actually want to write on my blog the following:

What does it mean, I do not know, but who knows what the dogs want to bark about. Maybe she just wanted to woof that last Sunday we visit Hoek van Holland … no, not the city, but the beach and the dunes. The weather was nice, blue sky, sun and the small breeze. There is long white beach and the dunes where you can easly walk. In the summer the beach is closed for the dogs and opened partly for the naturists. From the distance you can see the Europort and the Maasvlakte with the typical industrial skyline.

Some pictures below.

And of course when there is accidentally an empty beer can on the picture made in The Netherlands…it must be … no, not Heineken but LECH (Polish beer) … ;))

dinsdag 17 maart 2009

And she can jump...

Fuyo became a woman, well… not really “a woman” but she got her firs period ;))
She is behaving quite normal, not cranky or moody, only less concentrated. The walks take ages since she is snuffing everything and marking her territory using few drops of pee every meter.

We have to be careful, walk with her on the lash and get rid of all the “gentlemen” trying to charm her. For the rest, she is usual her eating, drinking and playing…

zaterdag 14 maart 2009


With more than one hour delay we left for the winter holidays. 10 hours drive and we reached Flaine located in the Haute Savoie region of the French Alps (Grand Massive Area). 267 km of slopes ware waiting for us. They were just right for every one: green, blue, red and black. Quite funny was the fact that some slopes have been named after the Devils, chilling!!! There was Lucifer, Belzebuth, Faust and Mephisto which become our favorite one.

The weather was quite heavy on us, a lot of snow and only one day of sun and almost blue sky but we have been skiing no matter what and warming up with the hot chocolate at Ed’s place.

Our house was just perfect, much better than the last year. Big sleeping rooms for 2 persons with the bathroom, big sitting room with the open kitchen, balconies, the storage room for equipment and the sauna… just perfect place for 12 people to relax and do not step on each other toes.

The House:
My muscles were hurting few days but hey, this was a week of sport and great time!

As usual we have increased our vocabulary with the couple of new words:

HUPPETEE: there we go
PRUTSER: somebody that is quite unhandy, not clever and does silly stuff (so, all of us)
MAKE AN ANJO: loose the way, direction
DE GROTE DALMUTI: number one game of this winter ;)

Now just wait one year for the next….