dinsdag 12 juli 2011


There is a silence on my blog because I am quite busy with all the things around me. Just came back from the holidays in cote d'azur (France)... words to describe a lot of sun, a lot of food and a lot of wine. Places visited and recommended St.Tropez, De Gorges du Verdon, Le Dramont, Tourtour (the village in the haven), Grasse and for those who like and have money to spend on expensive shopping, Cannes.

Already almost forgot about the free time and the leisure. As from Monday I officially started new position ... a lot to learn but is already FUN, let's hope it stays this way. Now I am taking care that Europa will have all the GOODS made in China.

Pictures posted on the FB but for those still resistant to global, social connectivity see for yourself and plan visit to this part of France!