zondag 31 mei 2009

Memories come with the smell…

There is an Asian fair in The Hague. The big tent has been placed on the Malieveld and the “other” world has been build. Invitation is simple “If you don't have the time or money to travel all the way to South-East Asia, come to the Tong Tong Fair in The Hague and imagine that you are in the East.”

For me it was more like going back to my time in Thailand: Chatuchak market (จตุจักร), MBK center (มาบุญครอง), Damnoen Saduak floating market(ดำเนินสะดวก) or Khao San Road (ถนน ข้าวสาร). The atmosphere, the crowd, the smell, the feeling, and plastic tablecloth in the eating places (calling those the restaurant would be a bit to much) … almost the same,only the prices in Euro instead of Thai bath….One day I will go back...for holiday ofcourse.

woensdag 27 mei 2009

Sdu The Hague Royal Ten...

Finally, I did it…my first 10K in 1:00:51. The run was very close by, in the park where I walk and run with Fuyo. I was nervous like a child before the first day of school… It was heavy, warm and very sunny. Last 2K I thought “why am I doing that, I am dying…” but what a satisfaction afterwards… searching for new runs and now the goal is not only to finish but do it within 1h …

zondag 17 mei 2009

Fuyo’s day…

What a day, what a day…

God said that the Sunday should be the day to rest, well this was not a case today…I feel as I have created the whole world just today.

Morning, around 7:00 o’clock I have waked up before the alarm went off…nervous before EG exam (Elementaire Gehoorzaamheid – Elementary Obedience) for Fuyo which was scheduled at 8:30. The exam went good. Not perfect, but come on, both Fuyo and me are note the “morning people”. The exam is build from 12 parts (see below, with the star obligatory part) and I think Fuyo’s score will be as follow:

1. Greetings * => 5,5 points ;(
2. Standing, being checked and showing the teeth * => 6 points
3. Walking on the lash* => 6 points
4. Sit and wait (at 5 meter distance) 30 seconds => 10 points ;))
5. Down and wait (at 5 meter distance) 1 minute* => 10 points ;))
6. Coming and sitting in front* => 10 points ;))
7. Sit next the foot from sitting in front => 10 points ;))
8. Attention exercise down/sit on the hand signal => 9 points
9. Bringing the toy and lay in hand => 9 points
10. Sending forward => 10 points ;))
11. Running the triangle => 7 points (I hope)
12. Total picture of all => 8 points (I wish)

10 minutes went fast, no time for corrections but as far as I know we have passed the exam. Fuyo’s diploma will be sent home and she is first on the list for the next curse which starts in September.

(Source: KC de Hofstad in Den Haag)

We had to hurry home because at 10:00 need to start our trip to Drenthe for Fuyo’s version of Sensation White.
Location: Forest in Drenthe
Dress code: White
Doors open: 13:00
Entrée: Free

There ware approximately 15 white shepherds, running freely and playing with each other. Most of the owners and breeders were from the northern part of Holland, we had to drive 2, 5 hours to get there but it was worth. First 15 minutes Fuyo was nervous, a bit disoriented, not knowing what to do with all this dogs running around. Eventually, she has relaxed, started to play, snuffle around, run with the other dogs and even participated in stealing the sticks and swimming. We came back at 6:00 p.m. after the whole day of excitements …

Some pictures below…

dinsdag 5 mei 2009


You can feel it in the air but even more see in the work environment. I am not going to talk about people that got laid off but about something else…As you might know I am in the container biz. and has got a pretty unusual request. “Are we able to ship a dead person in a reefer container?”
First of all, I thought my colleague was making fun of me. I am not working that long so I start laughing saying “come on, be serious” Actually, she was. Because, of the crisis and high flight rates the company was searching for an option to transport their dead employee from UK to Australia, where the man come from.
I was shocked. I do not know if this would be even possible…we declined the request but…I am curious if one of other shipping company has agreed.