zondag 21 februari 2010

Krimml 2010 (Austria)

First you plan, then you wait, later you go, then you come back and after one or two weeks you don’t even feel that you were gone.
It was one week of great fun, more than 1000km from home, 13 people, a beautiful chalet with a fridge than 2 people can fit in, almost endless amount of beautiful slopes and good weather for most of the time. Just week before D day we need to buy the winter tires, prepare the car and install the ski box ….. One “old” member of our group could not go and since he has always the biggest car, we had to organize two other instead.
The trip there was good planed by A&S, maps has been printed out, stops for lunch and dinner fixed, TomToms set and ready… off we go…first crossing, everyone goes direction Utrecht , we direction Breda, of course why not… shit, shit, shit will we meet them eventually? Highway almost empty , speed within allowed, small misunderstanding with TomTom in Eindhoven but still we reach the first meeting point two hours before the rest. Apparently the A3 was full of traffic and unexpected events. Rest of the trip went ok, snow and darkness was a bit freaky especially when you go up the mountains and the way is one big turn festival. We managed to pick up the key, find our “Herders hut”, unpack the car and prepare some thee before the rest reach the place.
Sunday, first day of skiing … I love it, Armin, Tiesto, Above and Beyond on my iPod, sliding down, finding the best way and try not to break anything… A. had less luck though. First day he was injured and could not snowboard until end of the holidays. Bummer but next year we will go there again… Zillertal Arena with Zell am Ziller, Gerlos, K√∂nigsleiten, Gerlosplatte has in total 166km of slops (10 km black, 114 km red , 42 km blue). There is a lot toexplore especially when you start the day early in the morning and be outside at 9 ‘clock, when the lifts are just open and the slopes are fresh prepared. The party can begin… still 11 months to go…