woensdag 2 november 2011

1 of 2500...

What a madness… Yesterday at 10:00, the official ASOT 550 ticket sale has started. Well, that was what ALDA Events has announced but in practice … the sale started with a delay and the website crashed several times making a lot of fans upset. Some people were lucky and bought the tickets quite fast, immediately announcing their happiness on the Facebook. Some, including us, were freaking out that we are already too late and can forget the participation in special one hour Armin warm- up set as this arrangement was limited to first 2500 buyers.

I had to laugh about myself when finally I managed to order, pay and received e-tickets to my e-mail … my hands was shaking when I called A. “I did it, we are in, 31 March 2012 at 20:00!!!”

The tickets were sold out within few hours… this always amazes me what is it in this concepts that so many people participate over and over again and never have enough ;). Same here, our trancefamily group is getting bigger each time. This time we expect to be at least with eight during the special one hour warm- up session but believe that the rest will join us at 21:00 sharp… the “regular tickets” are still available … countdown starts … 5 months to go….

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