zondag 18 maart 2012

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It takes 8 cookies to make Fuyo to understand … there is the newspaper in the letter box, take it gently and bring it to me.

First time she gave me that look “What? What do you want from me?” but after 2 times she got it. Amazing, two times and the dog will know “I have to pull that thing from the hole and … play with it”. Yes, play wasn’t actually the idea of this exercise but … hey we have to start somewhere.

The most difficult was to explain “gently”. Every time when she had the newspaper, she let it fell on the floor. Now the party could begin because how to pick up the piece of paper using only your teeth? Every dog will know, impossible. How to pick it up without fingers? Try!

Anyway, like I said after paying 8 cookies and drying session, I could enjoy a fresh coffee and the news … with two holes in the front page.

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